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Hi, sorry if i'm not getting the words right, i'm  not sure how to phrase so my searches feel feeble and i'm not finding any related problems here.


I use a software called yardbook for most of my invoicing, estimates, contact management, and other emails.  It provides templates and private links within the email so clients can check their accounts, and I am BCC'd to keep a record on file of attached documents and conversations. They are sent to the general inbox in my gmail (and marked as read, and a copy printed for filing).


But in hubspot they are all jumbled together as one contact because they are all received from instead of filed under the actual contact that received the email.  If I attempt to reply in gmail it will reply to the client.


Am i able to have hubspot recognize the other recipient's email address as the contact? Or do I have to add no-reply to my blacklist and depend on gmail more heavily and separately?  I'm looking for a workaround that doesn't force hubspot to assume this email address is a contact and have it included on file for a contact's conversation with me.


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Hi @AlbertoLawnCare,


You can filter certain email addresses out by following the steps here. Blocking the email address will prevent emails from logging that are associated with that email address.


Thank you,

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