masked and bcc no-reply filter options?

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Hello, I'm new and took a look around, wondering if i'm just not sure how to phrase? Sorry if this was already covered. 


I get inbound email responses from a free online ad listing site (like craigslist I guess, but I've never used craigslist) that masks the respondent's email address. Instead, I get a very long serial generated by the website form (or i can log in and use a chat window). If the ad that was posted is turned off or taken down the masked email address stops working. (I do eventually get a real email address after we reply a few times).  Is there a way for hubspot to recognize the name of the respondent instead of the name of the ad website? Right now it is generating serial numbers as contact names instead of the name contained in the body of the email itself. I'd like it to at least see that "Daniel" replied and list it under that name for later assignment and update.

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Hi @AlbertoLawnCare,


Because of the way the contacts are engaging with you, HubSpot is going to pull in the first pieces of information it can as their name. If a name isn't known, then the email address will be used as the name.


If you want the contacts to engage directly with you through a form submission, they could fill in their own details. 


Thank you,

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