blacklisting specific email addresses


The ability to prevent specific email addresses from being logged in the CRM is super-important. I am genuinely surprised this isn't already a feature.


Asking users to remember to toggle the track email on/off isn't a viable solution - it's anti-productivity (not great for a CRM). It means confidential information is liable to be viewed by people who shouldn't have access inside a business and imporant sales/customer information may not get tracked because the individual forgot to keep ticking a box on and off.


The toggle option is barely tolerable for teams only doing 1 function (sales for example) but anyone of manager level or anyway working between multiple functions will suffer from this lack of (pretty basic) functionality.

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Community Manager

Hi @stevenljohn


This request is currently submitted as an idea on the ideas forum. I would recommend voting for this idea or creating your own idea. Voting in the ideas forum is the best way to share your idea with other users to vote for, and also to share use cases and examples around why you want this feature with our developers. 


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