Want to break connection and revoke HubSpot permission from Gmail


In an effort to try and resolve the issue with Gmail continuing to disconnect, I took the time to read the permissions HubSpot expects when connecting to Gmail.  One of them was to access my Google Drive files.  Not having that.  I want to disconnect this.  How do I revoke those permissions?

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Hi @DebSil !


If you would like to disconnect your inbox from HubSpot this can be done by following the steps as outlined here. You can select the option to disconnect your inbox from within HubSpot and remove all HubSpot access directly within your Google Account by following the section titled "Remove the connection in your Google account."





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@OliviaRoberts I can certainly understand a concern about anyone having access to Google Drive files.  Can you address this? When one connects an email one would not assume other files are then part of this.  Google Drive often contain proprietary or private information.


I tried following the instructions at the destination link provided, but have run into a snag.  My "Shared "mailbox was set to a gmail account I don't want it to have access to, so the Extension never got fully installed.  Although it shows "enabled," there is no Disable button.


I've decided to create a new Gmail account which does not have any sensitive information, so I'm comfortable giving the plug-in the access.  It is now showing up under Personal Inboxes.


Not sure what the difference is between Shared and Personal.

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