Tasks in Gmail not showing the contact's associated company in Hubspot.


Is it correct that there isn't the functionality to associate the task for a contact with the company directly from the extension in gmail?

If you create a task directly from gmail, in order to associate it to the company, you would need to click into the task and tick the association.

So if you want the task to also be associated to the company, you either need to create the task directly in HS (the association to the company is already ticked), or if you do it through gmail, you will have to go into HS and manually tick the association box for it to show in the Targetted Accounts page as Task (otherwise it shows as a Nothing Scheduled). 

Is this right?!

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Community Manager

Hi @LLade 


Thank you for reaching out!


This is expected behaviour. The tool should create the task in the Task manager, however it will not associate the task with the contact, you will need to do it manually. That said, I totally understand your end goal as well and I'd recommend posting this idea in our Ideas Forum that our Product Team monitors regularly!




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