Replies not posting


I use GMAIl.  Added extension. and linkedin my account. I sent 3 contact in Huspot email.  All three replied but the reply was not posted.


What am I doing wrong.

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Community Manager

Hi @charlieAllie 


Thank you for posting in the Community. 


When you say 'posting' do you mean that the replies from these recipients are not logged in HubSpot? 


That could come from multiple reasons:

- Did you send the original emails from HubSpot or from Gmail? 

- If you sent them from Gmail, did you have the Log box checked? 

log button.png

A reply can only be logged on a contact record if the original email was logged to begin with. You can find here the requirements for a reply to log: 
Log email replies in the CRM 

I want to share with you a documentation that explains how to use these functionnalities once you have installed the extension: 
Track and log emails with the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension 
Customize your HubSpot Sales Chrome extension settings 

You can also use the forwarding address to log any email that did not log automatically. 

I hope that helps

Have a lovely day



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