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Recording bounces?

I've been sending some sales templates out through the Gmail integration, and it seems that if an email address bounces, it only sometimes records it as a bounce in HS. However, the people who bounced but did not get it recorded are still marked as bounced/globally bounced on their contact page.


Is there some way to know why bounces aren't being recorded, a workaround to record them when they get back into my inbox, and a way to report on global bounces?

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Community Manager

Recording bounces?

Hi @danielruby 


Thank you for posting in the Community.


You can find here more information regarding the recording of bounces from one to one emails in HubSpot. Basically we support bounce detection for Google and Office365 hosted inboxes, but only we have limited support for Exchange and IMAP inboxes.


To have an overview of those, you can look at the contact property Email hard bounce reason, or also create an active list of hard bounced contacts. 

We wouldn't have a way to automatically record the bounces that have not been recorded but you could import those impacted contacts in an opt out list to make sure they appear as disqualified to receive emails in HubSpot. 


Hope that helps.
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