READ ME FIRST: Why aren't my emails being tracked?

HubSpot Product Team

Struggeling to track your emails in Gmail? First, send an email you may receive a response back that your email was not tracked properly. Then walk through the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Before sending an email, ensure that the Track email checkbox has been selected.

  2. Some Chrome extensions can conflict with HubSpot Sales' email tracking. If you have other Chrome extensions enabled, try disabling them and sending a test email again in order to determine which extension is causing the conflict.

  3. HubSpot Sales is unable to track email if they are sent in Plain Text mode. If you see that emails are being sent in Plain Text, you'll want to switch to HTML mode. In Gmail compose a new email, select the down-arrow icon in bottom right corner of the compose window. In the resulting menu, disable Plain text mode.

After walking through these steps, send another test tracked email to and a notification should be sent properly.

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