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We use the gmail integration to log/track mails in our teams. However, it became apparent that users have been able to see confidential email threads that are not related to their work/team/department. I believe this is because any logges contact (including a staff) will currnelty show all tracked emails if you vierw that contact's record.


How can we give/disable permission or set the system up to acoid this, and only allow the relevant users to see the relevant logged/tracked emails?



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Hi @LindenDavies


Thank you for posting in the Community! 


It sounds like your goal is to log and track all emails but only allow certain users to view logged emails. 


The intention of logging emails is to increase transparency and allow teams to see all communication with contacts. 

  • If a user has access to view a contact, they will also have access to view any logged emails on that contact record. When a user has permission to view a contact, they are able to view all logged activity for that contact.
  • It is not possible to make an individual email "private" (or only accessible to some users). You can only edit user permissions for the contact (also mentioned in this post).

Preventing users from seeing one-to-one emails

If you would like to prevent users from seeing one-to-one emails, here are the options:

  1. Don't log the email. The sender of the email can still track the email, but they can deselect "Log" when sending that email. 
  2. Add confidential contacts to the Never Log List. Emails sent to an email address on the Never Log List will never be logged. Many HubSpot users exclude internal emails from being logged (e.g., I added * to my Never Log List, so internal emails to my colleagues are never logged).
  3. Edit user permissions. You can give users view/edit access to only the contacts you want them to see (e.g., only allow them to see contacts they own). If your subscription gives you access to create teams, you can add users to teams and edit permissions so they can only see contacts owned by anyone on their team.


I hope this clarification helps! Let me know if you have additional questions. 



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