Options for google drive privacy setting

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I would like to integrate hubspot with my business gmail but i dont want to grant access to my google drive. I think Hubspot should have an option to diable google drive access. What do you think?

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Hi @man00604  As it turns out, since other parts of  HubSpot  access Google drive, Google requires us to allow access for any part of the tool that accesses a Google product. Google doesn't allow us to disable access at the user level. 


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Ed Justen

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Acces to google drive is fine, but I woun´t give acces to sensitive files and folders, how to handle restrictions? If hubspot get´s full access to all data in my google drive I can´t use hubspot. 

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@sebastian_nfq did you get anywhere with this? As we have started to roll out HubSpot in to other areas of our business we have had push back because people don't see why they should have to hand over access to huge buckets of privet data and company IP just to use some basic features such as calendars or search console data. I don't want HubSpot to access our google drive AT ALL.

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@sebastian_nfq so, sort of:


I've looked in to the access permission 'buckets', which google call 'API Scopes'. The reason for the broad permissions in most case is down to Google and how Google offer up their different groups of permissions in the form of their API Scopes. (top level info on Google's API Scopes).
For the features HubSpot want to offer us (the connected inbox in Gmail) HubSpot need to be able to compose and send. The only API scope that allows this is the one that allows full access to your mail, which includes including deletion
For Calendar: 
again, according to this Google API doc, to create new events you need the widest scope.
According to the scope chart on that page, only the widest scope allows full access to the calendar in order to create an event.
For Drive: 
There are two scopes that can allow access to files which HubSpot could use. Read, and full. Both require wide access.
Now, HubSpot seem to have decided that if you want access to one small feature that requires access to a part of your GSuite account then, instead of just using the one scope that is required, they have standardised all GSuite integration into one event that grants access to everything that the HubSpot featureset might require access to.
So in some ways, the access needs to be wide because of the way Google offers up its API, but in other ways hubspot could make a decision to let you only connect email, or only connect drive etc.

But it's a case of like it or lump it as I don't think this will change soon.

There is a security doc (available here) that you can use to try to address the concerns of your IT security teams, but your mileage may vary.
Drive connection will be a massive deal breaker for many- industrial espionage is a big and ever growing concern (such as the Huawei story) in the business world.
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Hi Ed,


On Gsuite Admin it's possible to disable Hubspot's access to Google Drive. Will the Gmail integration/functionality still work if Drive is disabled? This is unfortunately a dealbreaker for my company. I'm amazed that you request full access to Drive. 

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@prospectified How do you disable access to drive via the GSuite admin interface? Have you tested to see if calendar and mail still works with it disabled in GSuite admin?

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@ojobson Under Gsuite admin > Security > API Permissions you can handle API access for each Gsuite product. Have not tested it and we're only using free CRM atm. 

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Big plus for us.  We cannot connect HS to our drive for security reasons. Please add this feature asap.

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Was this every resolved? It's hard to imagine giving a 3rd party access to all company files. How does Hubspot control access? Does Hubspot read the files, copy them, send them anywhere els?

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Unfortunately not. In testing the admin features, if you disconnect Drive on the Gsuite/admin side then it breaks the email/Hubspot integration. There is no workaround. Hubspot team claims they do not have any technology that leverages Drive connectivity so you're down to trust and terms. 

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In theory the web application firewall that HubSpot have will protect your 'instance' of HubSpot and keep it seperate to the rest of the systems HubSpot use. So, while your instance of HubSpot is conencted to your companies Google Drive, there should be no way for anyone at HubSpot (or anyone else with another HubSpot 'instance'), to access your google drive files and folders.


But, in practice, we only have their word on that. They also say that they use third party security companies to audit their system security, but we don't know that they actually act on the advice they may be given about vulnerabilities that exist.