On a Mac - Making Gmail the default email to send from within HubSpot


Hi - I am using a MacBook and want to use Gmail as my default email when I click on a email link, or send an email from within HubSpot.  I am brining in leads where I have a Company Name and an Email,but no Contact Name. 


I created a field called "Company Email" but when I click it, forces Apple's Mail  app to open. I found how to make Gmail the Default client in Chrome, but now when I click on the email link, it opens a Chrome email form, but it replaces the Hubspot tab and does not show the Chrome Hubspot plugin.


The goal is to be able to use Gmail in Chrome seamless from within Hubspot.



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Hey @Mcody, I don't think that's a setting you choose in HubSpot - I had the same problem but found out it's actually something that I needed to change in the browser settings. My teammate shared this blog post with me, i hope it help you out too.