Mystery "someone opened"


Yesterday I recieved two notifications that someone opened two emails. Both emails were only sent to the same colleague 6 months ago, he didn't open them yesterday. 


While checking his gmail for suspicious activity he saw his acount was accessed about the same time by an IP address in the US... it was hubspot! 


Is he being hacked? Is it a weird glitch?



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Hi @mwebb2 


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I'd like to share with you this article that will help you to understand how the HubSpot Sales email open and click tracking works.


In relation to the IP address, could you please provide more information about this? How do you know this is related to HubSpot? Could you please share a screenshot? The more information you can provide the better the Community can assist you.




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Thanks Sharon 🙂


You'll see from my colleague's gmail recent activity report the IP address (sorry it's a bad snap) that their email seems to have been accessed from hubspot? 


Thanks for the link- I had read a few of these to try to understand what was happening, but I'm still confused why I'm getting notifications when neither myself or my colleague have opened the email 😕 


the email contained some sensitive information so we are nervous that it's being accessed by someone else


Thanks in advance for your thoughts 🙂-2060240385012207874.jpgIMG-20210315-WA0010.jpgIMG-20210315-WA0011.jpg