My recepients say they did not receive my messages


I sent a very improtant email to a lead (my proposal attached) and they did not receive it.

Even without this glitch I wasn't very comfortable with this feature because my previous emails that I sent from within Hubspot were also not visible in my normal Gmail outbox. So I was never actually sure they really went out.


I'm wondering how can I have a confirmation that an email was actually sent out? Also, just how on earth could this happen that they did not receive my email??? Very frustrating.

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Community Manager

Hi @dan300,

Thanks for the question!

Currently, there is no way to be notified when an email bounces that is sent from the CRM. I did find an idea in the ideas forum requesting a similar functionality: If you would like to see this feature implemented in the future, I would recommend voting for this idea.


If you did want to see the emails you're sending from the CRM populate in the 'sent' folder of Gmail, I would recommend connecting your Gmail inbox as this will send emails you're sending from within HubSpot to your Gmail sent folder.


Additionally, I wanted to share this article which outlines why emails sent from the CRM will show as "not sent". 


Thank you,


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