My Activity Feed counter is over-counting.....

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Hi All,


I am using HubSpot with the chrome extension across three chrome profiles for three seperate companies, and have found that one of the profiles has an activity count well over the 200 free per month, as it appears to be somehow including the activity count across all three profiles.


Has anyone seen this before and know of a fix?

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Hi @SteveRielly,


Thanks for reaching out.

These two resources might be a good starting point for you as they explain this limit in more details:

Take care!


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Hi Jessica,


Thanks for those links.


The problem I am seeing is that as I am running four google profiles with four active hubspot accounts, it appears that for some reason one of those profiles has an activity count of the sum total of all four accounts, not just its own.


The other three are running fine, so there is something about that one account which is resulting in the issue occuring.