Issues with Sales Extension for Gmail

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Over the last week, Gmail has been acting up.  I have a colleague having the same issues.


For example, when I click on an email in my inbox, it hides up top.  Then when I refresh, it comes back for viewing.


Secondly, I am having issues with forwards, replies, bolding, underlining and italicizing text, changing subject lines when forwaring or replying to an email and adding hyperlinks.  The interface keeps jumping around.


I did unstall the HubSpot plugin for Gmail and tested it and all worked fine again.  As soon as I reinstalled it, I started having the same issues.


I have about 450 sequences in play and I can't uninsall it for a long period or they will not go out as scheduled.  I need help and don't know where to go from here.


Support is welcome to call me if needed.  I tried checking the box below that reads, "Email me when someone replies" and it won't let me check the box.

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HubSpot Employee

Hi John,


Just to close the loop on this one - we were able to identify that the issue was being caused by another extension that was interfering with the functionality of HubSpot Sales. In order to identify the extension that was interacting with HubSpot Sales, we just need to re-enable them one by one to see what causes the jumping behavior. For more information on what might cause the extension not to perform as expected, check out this Knowledge Article.


Thanks! Have a great day!