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Inbox linked to HubSpot, but email correspondence not being logged everytime



My company's sales team has noticed that some of their contacts on HubSpot are not having their email correspondence recorded.


They have their gmail inboxes linked to HubSpot, and have it set to only log emails with existing contacts on HubSpot.


So they are careful to add a contact to HubSpot before sending emails to them. However, the sales team has started to notice that emails to the contact are not being logged, although I can see other activity like marketing emails, and scheduled meetings are.


Is this an issue with the setup of their gmail inbox with HubSpot?


Or could it be that the contact's email has a setting to stop its correspondence being logged?


Any advice would be appreciated

Any advice on this issue



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Inbox linked to HubSpot, but email correspondence not being logged everytime

One quick question @HRich - are they sending these emails from their phone (like through a Gmail app on their iPhone for example)? I know when I send an email from my phone in my work Gmail, it doesn't log that email. It has to be through my web browser Gmail, or through HubSpot itself. That's been my experience. 


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Inbox linked to HubSpot, but email correspondence not being logged everytime

Hi @HRich ,


There shouldn't be a way for the contact not to record the correspondence, as if it's sales emails, those are 1-2-1. Also, if the person has unsubscribed from even 1-2-1 comms, you will see this in the contact details.


In fact, could you check if the subscriptions for each of the contacts for which the data is not recorded is set to 1-2-1?


When the team adds the contact, do they wait for the system to register the contact before sending any correspondence? Also, how do they add the contact? From within the Hubspot plugin, or first within the main system and then sending the email?


Once I have more info, I can look into it in more detail.



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Inbox linked to HubSpot, but email correspondence not being logged everytime

Thanks Elizhelva for responding


Let me explain a little more to help you.


Although we do run sales bulk emails to prospective leads, the contacts I am really interested in are those who have signed up to our sevice on our own website. 


The sales person assigned a sign up ( to get the lead across the line, fully activated using our service) will then add the email address of the sign up to HubSpot, so all corespondence can be tracked and to give manager better oversight. 


What I am noticing now though is although sales are inputing these email address into HubSpot, and they all have thier Gmail inboxes linked to HubSpot, some of these email conversations they are having with the prospects who have signed up on our website are not being logged at all on HubSpot.


To respond to your questions:

1 The subscription for the contacts who have this issue is set to "not specified". Ferom my experience this would still allow email to be logged for this contact


2 When you say register, how long does a contact take to be registered on HUbSpot after thier email is added? Our sales team add the email address, then email the prospect straight away after. Either way, some of the contact whose email are not being logged have been in the system for over a month, surely they would have been reigstered already?


3 They add contacts by first, going into HubSpot, searching HubSpot to see if the emial address tey want to add is not already in the system. Then if it is not, they will create a new contact, and input the email + any other relevant info.


Thier gmail inboxes are set to only log emails to "exisitng contacts" on HubSpot. We choose this way to ensure internal communication would not be logged onto HubSpot.


Please let me know if I can clarify anything else