I'm receiving notifications that the same person opened my email multiple times - why?


The best way to ask my question is through presenting a scenario ...


So, I emailed person A.

I receive notification from HubSpot Sales that person A opened my email. 

I then receive several additional notifications that person A opened this same email several more times (sometimes even five or so times).


I know person A is not opening my email this many times. 


Why do I keep receiving notifications that they've opened/read my email? 


This is making me wonder if the tool is even working correctly, i.e., has person A even opened my email AT ALL?


Would appreciate some guidance ... for a first-time user. 



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Hi @rfranco24, this is actually a fairly common issue, and we do have a knowledge article that explains why you might be seeing multiple notifications for one email. You can read this here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/email-notifications/why-am-i-getting-multiple-not...


As the article states, if you get a large number of email opens (more than you may expect) on a specific email, it may indicate that the email was forwarded or that you copied and pasted a previously sent email.


I hope this makes sense, and thanks for reaching out!


All my best,