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Hubspot breaks gmail

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i have the problem for the past few days that the hubspot extension breaks my gmail in a way that i almost don't see the "compose email window" anymore: the hubspot extension moves it out ouf the screen area (to the left, see screenshot)

hubspot gmail.PNG


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Hey @CC118 could you confirm the browser you are using, the device you are using and it's monitor size/dimension, and the zoom setting on your browser and device. 

Is it possible to share a larger screenshot of your entire display - it's hard to troubleshoot the below. 


Thank you!

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We are having the same problem. Not only does it break the compose window, it also disables the auto insertion of the cursor into the "to" address field. It has been verified that by disabling the Hubspot Sales extension for Chrome that Gmail then functions correctly for both the compose window and auto insertion of the cursor.

iMac, 27"


Doesn't matter the zoom level - have tried various levels.

gmail   gene.krause agilepayments.com   Agile Payments Mail.png


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Hi @GeneK


What version of Chrome are you using? I would also recommend deleting the HubSpot Chrome extension and re-adding it to confirm that you are using the most up to date version of the extension. 


Thank you,


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are you using any other extensions in chrome that also effect gmail?

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