How to auto-log all historic and future mails

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Hi there, 

how can I auto-log all historic and future emails to/from Contacts sent via gmail from ANY device, ANY browser, ANY mail client? 


I already connected HubSpot and Gmail and downloaded the Chrome extension. 

But I dont see any historic emails getting synced and logged in my Hubsot Contact view. And I want to ensure that all future communication, even when sent on the go from Apple Mail gets logged. Using BCC is not an option.


Thanks for any help.

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Hi @jobe82,


While there is no built in way to bring over all of your previously sent emails into HubSpot, there are workarounds and external services that can assist with this. 


I wanted to share this thread which outlines some different options. 


Going forward, if you are looking to send email from Apple Mail and have it logged in HubSpot, you will need to use the bcc address. If you are looking for a central location to use as an inbox within HubSpot, the tool available for team inboxes is the Conversations tool.


Thank you,

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Hopefully you have already solved your problem, but if not, please feel free to check out our integration on the HubSpot App Marketplace. 


All the best!