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New Member
Joined March-2017
Posts: 1

How do I turn off email tracking when I read my own emails?

I use the email tracking feature for my sent emails but, if I open the email that I sent, it displays as a view by the person I sent it to.  How do I turn this off for when I'm opening my own emails that I sent?

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Community Manager
Joined October-2016
Posts: 1127

Re: How do I turn off email tracking when I read my own emails?

Hey @SandiA1

Thanks for posting! We get this question a lot, and you're in luck we have a create solution already posted here: Solved: How can I stop getting notifications for emails I open myself?

If you have any follow up questions please post on the original thread.

Róisín Kirby (Ró)
HubSpot Community Manager
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