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Group email associations

When I send a group email, and then one person in that group emails me individually, that individual email is associated with the everyone's record in the group, instead of just that one contact. I uncheck the associations that don't relate, but then the next email from that individual is associated with all of those contacts again. I want an individual from a group to be associated only with that individual, not everyone in that original group. Thank you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Group email associations

Hello @MSpicer, currently when you are sending a group email from HubSpot, the email is sent to one unique tracking code to all contacts.

If you send a tracked email to multiple email addresses (including CC and BCC), they all receive the same HubSpot Sales tracking imageHubSpot will still notify you of the email open, but HubSpot may not be able to determine which recipient opened the email. 


This article here explains more about it.

I would recommend using sequences in this case, this article here explains step by step about this feature.


I hope this information helps.  

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