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Hi I have problem conneting one of my user gmails to hubspot. I have two users on one account and I have connected one of the users succesfully to gmail hubspot and it all works fine. I logged out of the hubspot account and gmail account for that user, then logged into both for the second user to make the connection for that user. The connection appears successful on hubspot however in gmail I receive an error to say that it is not connected because I'm logged in as the first user, which I'm not at the time. Unless this means I can only connect one user on the chrome insalled on a one machine? That's the only conclusion I'm coming to as the third user, who is on this same account connected to gmail on chrome on another machine and it works. Any advice on this? 

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Celina Logging out of Hubspot and Gmail does not log you out of the Chrome extentsion. In order to do that, you need to paste into your URL bar. This will log you out of the extension and present a log-in screen where you can sign-in to the second account.


Keep in mind, the email address you use to log-in to the extension is simply a log-in (like a user name). Once the extension is active in Chrome, you can use it with any address you use in Gmail. Any activity will be recorded however in the connected inbox portal. You can use the extension with different portals and log-ins, but working between the different sign-in will require you to go to the log out address to switch back-and-forth. It's best to use the extension with once specific portal. 


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