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Gmail - Hubspot Sales Chrome Extension Not recognizing google account

Hi Guys,


Im trying to connect my hubspot chrome extention and have done the following and still the extention will not recognise my google account and remains logged out.


  1. Updated Chrome to latest .99 version
  2. Connected my personal email account within hubspot and displays as STATUS as "Enabled"
  3. Removed the extention and re-installed
  4. Clear chache and cookies
  5. my google domain is managed of which i am the administrator

All still with all of the above when i click the hubspot ext icon in gmail it prompts me to log in. I select my google account which  is my hubspot logged account. The page refreshes does not recognise my account. The ext them prompts for log in again.


I have spoken with the online chat crew and here is a copy of my transcipt with images etc but to no avail.


Im really keen to launch this for my business and become a paid user but need peace of mind that this issue can be over come and work properly first.


Any help would be appreciated.



James Kelly

Community Manager
Community Manager

Gmail - Hubspot Sales Chrome Extension Not recognizing google account

Hello @JKelly11, Could you please attempt to connect again your inbox so we are able to see if any error shows on our end? Currently, I am not seeing an inbox there.

I would also like to share this knowledge base here with more details in how to troubleshoot this extension.


The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.


Thank you,


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