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Hello, I would like to ask how I connect our aliases emails to Hubspot inbox?

We had connected the aliases emails to the main gmail account before we connected our Gmail inbox to Hubspot.

I read this article and "When you connect your Gmail account to HubSpot, HubSpot automatically detects the Gmail alias and adds it as a From address." it didn't happen in our case.
As well, I read some of Hubspot expertises' advice and I found this "Creating an alias for your work email does not allow you to integrate it with HubSpot. Only Google and Outlook 365 inboxes can be integrated with HubSpot. Creating an alias for your work address under your Gmail account allows you to send email from the HubSpot CRM with your work address in the From field, but the inbox is not actually integrated with HubSpot." but as well it didn't happen in our case 


When I tried to send email from Hubspot Email and  From the alias email, I had to connect the email to Hubspot and then this happened 


There are contacts that, while sending an email, have not been entered into Hubspot while others have been (and have not been sent to the main email). We try to integrate Hubspot CRM to properly record who we are communicating with over time. This will be difficult if not all contacts exist in Hubspot as well if we can not send from alias email.


Is there a solution to this problem? How can we integrate our alias emails so we can find the information we seek at any time?


Thank you in advance

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Hi @EUcalls,


Have you reached out to HubSpot technical support regarding this matter? It looks like you have support included in your subscription. 


Partnering with support will be the most direct way to resolve this matter within your portal.




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Hello Jenny,

Thank you for your reply. I will contact with the technical support.