Forwarding Replies to CRM Manually


My standard gmail account is connected to Hubspot's CRM system. When I send an email to a lead through the CRM, the email is tracked on the lead's timeline. However, the reply from the lead was not tracked. Why is that?


I followed instructions to manually forward the lead's reply to the CRM sytem. However, the CRM system misinterpreted the time zone and the reply is logged at 9:57am, when in fact it was received at 12:57pm. Is there a way to fix it? It's an issue because the initial email sent is logged correctly as 12:54pm, but the reply (being interpreted as 9:57am) confusingly shows up earlier in the timeline.


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @goelv could it be that the CRM logged when it received the forwarded email from you manully forwarding and not the time your Gmail account received it?