First time emails arriving in gmail connected to hubspot CRM


Hi there,


I am planning to purchase my G Suite Licenses for the company and they ain't cheap thus i have few questions before I do so:


1. I wanted to ask if i have connected my G Suite Gmail with Hubspot, will a new first time arrival of an email from an unknown contact create a new contact in Hubsport CRM automatically? ORRR do I have to add through the Hubsport CRM Profile bar on right (Add Contact) in Gmail, is there any such thing?


2. If a contact already exist in my Hubsport CRM and his email arrives randomnly for the first time without me ever contacting them... will their email automatically get linked with their existing contact profile in the Hubsport CRM (and show up in the feed)?



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HubSpot Employee

Hello @hakeemuniforms,





The only time an email from a contact will automatically log on an existing contact record is when it is a reply to an email that you sent, and chose to log in the CRM.  


If you receive a normal email from a contact that you want to log in the CRM, you would have to forward it to the CRM using the forwarding address (  Otherwise, it will not be added to your portal.  This forwarding mechanism will either create a new contact if one doesn't already exist and log the email on that record, or it will log the email on an existing contact record if it's already in the portal.


I hope this helps clear things up.









Are there any plans to fix this behavior? For a system that purports to be focused on Inbound strategy it seems odd not to support the storage and organization of inbound emails. In my experience it's fairly standard practice for most CRMs to pull in all communication from a lead.