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I have a situation I hope you can help me with.

I would like to turn off tracking of emails sent between colleagues. 

An example is colleague X who is both manager of the company and a sales person. So I want to track emails he send to customers but not sensitive emails he might send to his employees. 


I know you can turn off tracking for a whole user in their user account but then I wouldn't get tracking of the customer emails.

And I know you can turn off tracking of a specific email in your email interface, but that is sooo easy to forget.


In a dream world I would like to set a rule where if I send en email from @xdomain.com to @xdomain.com (ie same domain) those emails would be excluded from tracking. 


Anyone have the same problem or have any solution to my problem?


Thanks a lot,


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HI @resmichelle It is not possible to disable tracking by domain. Using the tracking option per email is your best bet.  Great suggestion though. Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum for further comment?


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Ed Justen

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Sure, I've added it in there now.