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New Member
Joined July-2017
Posts: 1

Error message while integrating Gmail

I tried to integrate my gmail account and it said there was an error to try later. 


I can imagine that the issue was I created a general team account and by mistake integrated my gmail accnt, not the general one. This is when I went into HS and Google and removed the integratition. I then tried to intergrate the my account at HS with my email (my email was no longer linked to HS) but it did not work, kept giving me this error over an dover again. Please advise as I have worked too much on the CRM to remove anything now. Thanks!

HubSpot Moderator
Joined October-2016
Posts: 799

Re: Error message while integrating Gmail

Hi @Dessi thanks for posting, I can definitely help you out. Are you attempting to connect your inbox to the CRM by following the instructions outlined in this article? Could you let me know exactly at which step you are receiving the error message, and also provide a screenshot of the message in question? Finally, have you tried clearing your cache, restarting your browser, and starting this process again? Once I have more information, I can dig into this issue further.

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