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New Member
Joined August-2017
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Emails not being logged


I have everything set up (g suite marketplace and the chrome extension) and have logged into everything as necessary and follow the instructions.


When I click to 'log' an email when I compose one on G Suite the email is not logged.  It's tracked in the notification centre on the extension and I can see when it is opened, but when I check the contacts page the email does not appear.


When I use the it logs it fine.


I've tried reinstalling both the GSuite Marketplace extension and the chrome extension but nothing seems to work.  Any ideas?


Thank you for your help.


Kind regards,

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Joined October-2016
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Re: Emails not being logged

[ Edited ]

Hi @PathwayAI, thanks for your post. Could you please send me a screenshot of what the checkbox for "log email" is looking like in your Gmail Inbox when you send the message, and could you specify which instructions you've tried in order to troublshoot already? thank you! 


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