Emails are not logging in CRM via Chrome Extension


We have a user that is using the Gmail extension to log her emails in CRM. As of this week, she noticed that the emails she is sending are no longer tracking in Hubspot. We have uninstalled, tried emailing, and tried restarting Hubspot. There are no other extensions installed on her Chrome and everything is checked that should be. Her emails are not being sent in plain text mode. I tried it in my email and on my computer and it works just fine and other users at my company are not having any problems. I did notice that she's getting pop up notifications still in her Gmail when emails are opened, so something is working. They are just not being logged to the Hubspot contact.


I've posted in a few other open threads regarding this issue but those seem to be sitting with no responses. Can someone please assist with this issue?

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Hi, I do have the same issue, so seems to be a bug. Let's see if somebody replies from the team


@beckyschaen and @diplomat it sounds like her email integration may have been disabled. Did you go into settings > sales > email integration from her account and make sure her email integration is enabled?

Have you tried sending an email from her account and not using the gmeail extension, but still bcc'ing your HubSpot BCC email and seeing if it does correctly track those emails? If that works, then it's definitely a bug within the extension rather than issues with her email.


Last thing to check, who is the email going to? Emails will not be tracked if they are sent to emails within your company.


Maybe that helps? Maybe not.