Emails Sent From HubSpot Going To Spam


Hey everyone, I've been using Hubspot for about 2 years now just as a CRM with no issues but all of the sudden my emails sent from Hubspot are going to the receipents spam. However, when I send the same email from Mac Mail,, or even other applications like SalesBlink or SalesHandy they go through just fine. And just to clarify, Im not talking about email campaigns, just trying to email contacts I have in my CRM. 


I have found a thread about this that had a LOT other people saying they had the same issue and there were no fixes on there. 


I did some additonal tests I found interesting. 


1. When I sent an email through Mac Mail using the Hubspot tracking BCC email the sample contact was auto-added to Hubspot THEN I could email the test contact and it would go to the inbox, not spam. However, when I created the same sample contact in Hubspot manually and sent the same messege it went right to spam. 


2. I tried setting up a new email address to send from in the same Hubspot account, one I have barely used it's brand new, and it had the same issues. 


3. I manage another business and I tested emails from that account and all was fine but that was a different email address. 


I've read so many articles from Hubspot I lost count, talked to 2 reps who actually refused to help me because I'm on a free plan, and I've tried all of what the articles suggest in terms of making my email address more secure and trusted etc. but there is no issue when using any other application. It's only in Hubspot, happens with different email addresses in the same account, and only just started happening. 


My emails are created through Gsuite and I don't do any kind of mass email campaigns with these domains that the emails are linked to. 


Any help would be much appreicated. 


Thank you! 

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I think I fixed it! I enabled 2 factor authentication on my account and now every email goes to the inbox no problem so far. Ill keep this updated if the problem comes back.