Email from a potential prospect not displayed in profile activity when contact is added


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I am having issues with seeing relevant emails from prospects once they are added to the contact list.


I mean: a person writes me an email on my gmail account. From there, I can automatically import that contact on Hubspot, and this works fine. The thing is, I cannot see the email this person just sent me on the contact activity list.


Why does this happen? I should not have to manually forward that email to the hubspot forwarding account in order to see that in the activity log, right? I doesn't make much sense, since I can automatically import the contact from the gmail inbox page.


Thanks so much


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @EpiCura Welcome to the Community. Since the original email doesn't contain HubSpot tracking, it is impossible for HubSpot to include the email as part of the contact record automatically. The extension draws information from the various social networks to populate the newly created contact, but there is no mechanism to automate the forwarding of the initial email. 


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