Editing templates (for Gmail user)


Hello all!


I saved a couple of (silly) templates for my gmail account. Now I've seen that the whole account is limited to 5. However, I cannot find any place in the settings to either A) modify the existing templates, or B) delete templates that are no longer necessary.


The Hubspot Extension Settings do not cover this, neither can this setting be changed from the main app.Hubspot page.


I hope anyone can help!

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Hey @JConner 


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with the Templates permissions can create, edit, and delete templates. Could you please confirm you have these permissions? if not, you will need to ask your SuperAdmin to give you this access.




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Hello @sharonlicari , thanks for your response.


I am the owner of the account and the SuperAdmin, so I can confirm that I have all permissions that I can possible have. That being said, we are still on the free account. I understand that most of the Marketing/Email templates are restricted to Marketing Professional package.


In any case, I believe I have something different in my gmail templates. These templates are saved in Hubspot (somehow) and they are not visible in any of the Marketing/Email sub-pages. Additionally, these templates in gmail do not have any Hubspot logo or marketing on them.


All the help screens point to Marketing/Emails as a way to administer this, but my experience has shown that they are not related.