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Hi guys,

Have tried contacting the success team but to no avail. We’re a small team of 10 and have just started using hubspot crm and the gmail/chrome extension which is great and working well. However, I only want 2 of our team members to be able to see the deals associated with clients - is there a way that I can restrict permissions through the chrome extension? All the deals are appearing in the crm sidebar of everyone’s emails. I want to remove the deals from certain people’s gmail crm sidebar. I’ve restricted the permissions in the main hubspot browser, but they’re still showing up in gmail which is really annoying, and is making the whole idea of having permissions pretty pointless. Help?????
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Hi @Ddabi,


While it is expected behavior for a note of the deal to be seen in the sidebar, the user shouldn't be able to click into the deal and see its contents. If the names of the deals are too telling for users who shouldn't see views, one solution could be to change the naming structure of your deals. 


If the users are able to click into the deals, please let me know.


Thank you,

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