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Customize sales extension record editor

We are trying to use the hubspot extension on gmail more. The issue is that you really can't do much with it. You still need to click a deal and then open tab to hubspot to edit. We would like to edit what is shown on the hubspot gmail pane. Is that possible? Ie, if we could edit a deal from the extension, and as well add a note. Add a notes section. Then we don't have to leave the inbox as much. Saves a ton of time.
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Community Manager

Customize sales extension record editor

Hello @KWinchell 

While it is not possible to add a not from within the Chrome extension, you can click the Actions link and open the contact record directly from there. You can then quickly add a note in the Contact record. 


I would highly recommend you to please post this idea at our ideas forum (here).

Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well.


Thank you,


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