Can I use Hubspot as my main email client?

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If I want to use the Hubspot inbox, than I would expect linking it to Gmail would mean that if I open a mail, it gets marked as opened in Hubspot as well and vice versa.


Example: I received 50 emails today of which i replied to 25, deleted 5 and have 20 un-opened. When I go to my Hubspot mailbox, I just see those 50 emails unopened. That makes the inbox completely useless to me. It should be real-time syncing.


Is this possible? Am I missing something here?

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Hi @Indianadc,


HubSpot's email inbox isn't meant to take the place of an email client. I wouldn't recommend attempting to use it as a replacement to Outlook, Gmail, should be used in tandem with to log relevant business emails, communicate with clients/prospects, etc.


Your email client will be used for all general communication...some of it relevant enough to be logged in the CRM, but some of it probably shouldn't be there cluttering things up.


I hope that helps!



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