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    • Greetings, HubSpot Community! There’s a lot to love about our little corner of the universe, and we wanted to take a moment to illuminate some of the possibilities that exist for you as a member throughout your journey with us. This is a great place to receive support, feel challenged, be inspired, and expand your horizons, both personally and professionally. The more familiar you are with all we have to offe more
    • Greetings, HubSpot Community! Our little corner of the internet is a terrific place for practitioners from myriad industries to pose questions, offer up answers, craft articles, and meet other folks with similar passions and pursuits. We’ve outlined how to ask a good question in the community , but how does one go about posting a stellar answer? And how do you help create a welcoming environment along the way? E more
    • Hey there! If you're new to the Community - welcome! For an overview of how to use the Community, we recommend new members complete our 10 minute Getting Started in the Community Academy Course. Here are 5 tips to help you get started on 1. Sign up! To maximize your Community experience, sign up. Once you've signed up you'll be able to follow conversations and ideas, give upvotes, frien more
    • It can be difficult to feel like you "know" someone when you've only chatted with someone online. Connecting when you have only seen someone's LinkedIn photo and read a three sentence bio is a great start, but we want to do more. Introducing Humans of HubSpot We want to help you connect with members of the HubSpot Community to provide more information about your fellow Community users. Check out all of our Hum more
    • Welcome to the HubSpot Community! For a full list of current members of the Community team, check out our introduction thread here. This community has been designed for YOU the HubSpot customer to ask questions, find answers and engage with professionals from all around the world who are driving inbound success with HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools. We welcome all customers, HubSpot Partners and employees to share your expertise an more

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jennysowyrda on November 04, 2020
Welcome to the HubSpot Community! Here you’ll find a buzzing community of professionals from around the world with one common mission: growing better with HubSpot. The Community is made up of HubSpot customers, partners, employees, and ent read more
16 Replies
October 12, 2022
Thanks, looking forward to learning everything SEO.
TTaylor48 on January 28, 2023
I am a copywriter and content marketer, and I am here to learn more about SEO. In my field it is a critical skill to have. I look forward to learning and being a part of this community.
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GertVDVijver on January 28, 2023
Hi, i am just new in Hubspot but I linked my email account to Hubspot. Now i get ALL my mails into Hubspot, also the mails which are nothing to do with my marketing/sales like private mails. Is there a way to filter these mails and make them invisi read more
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zammil on January 26, 2023
Hey I am new here in the hubspot community. I am already doing SEO now I am looking to get certificate and to improve my knowledge. Do you think hubspot certificate is worth getting?
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
January 26, 2023
Welcome, @zammil ! For sure — I definitely think that the SEO Training HubSpot Academy certification course and all of its related resources will more
JConder on January 25, 2023
I'm Jeremy from Huge Brands! We're excited to be onboarding Hubspot. What's something that a year end everyone wishes they had done differntly when they were setting up?
2 Replies
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
January 26, 2023
Thanks for the mention, @MiaSrebrnjak ! And great question, @JConder ! I don't know too much about how you're setting up HubSpot/if you're more
Community Manager
January 26, 2023
Hi @MSayegh , Thank you for joining our Community, we're very happy to have you here! 👋 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions! more
KSims on January 20, 2023
HubSpot recently updated the following legal documents, which are included in our Customer Terms of Service: September 2, 2022 Privacy Policy We wanted to give you some information on what's changed below. Please remember that this is read more
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