Getting Started on the Community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

HubSpot Community Member Journey



Greetings, HubSpot Community!


There’s a lot to love about our little corner of the universe, and we wanted to take a moment to illuminate some of the possibilities that exist for you as a member throughout your journey with us.


This is a great place to receive support, feel challenged, be inspired, and expand your horizons, both personally and professionally.


The more familiar you are with all we have to offer, the more likely you are to develop strong connections and truly get the most out of your experience here.



We’re so happy you’re here! You’ll want to first get a lay of the land, observing your fellow members, giving them a thumbs up for a job well done, and absorbing any relevant content along the way.


As you grow more comfortable, we’d love for you to begin sharing some of your key learnings and offer solutions and best practices to your fellow members.


Learning never stops, but established community members may start to position themselves as thought leaders, either in the HubSpot platform or in myriad industries like marketing, revops, sales, and more.


Over time, our most trusted community members effectively become extensions of the HubSpot team, joining us for focus groups, product councils, global events, and much more. 


Have you contributed to the HubSpot Community in other cool ways? Feel free to share in the comments!