How to get Product Support from the community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the HubSpot community. Whether you’re new to HubSpot or a HubSpot pro, we’re glad to have you here. 


The community consists of HubSpot employees, partners, experts, customers, and users. If you’re a free user coming to the community for support, we’re glad to have you. 


How to Get Support From the Community


1. Find the board most relevant to your question. Our product discussion boards are aligned with our product hubs, so if you’re not sure where to post, start by looking at what tool you’re using within HubSpot. 


2. Post your question with as much information as possible. Check out our toolkit for posting a great question as a starting point. The more information you can share, the better the community can assist.


You can post your question by clicking the "create post" button on the individual board. 


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3. If you want to review other resources, check out the HubSpot Help Center to review our knowledge base articles and previous community threads. 


Once you’ve posted your question, you’ll hear back from a community member. We have a broad range of members, including partners, employees, customers, and free users, all of whom are equipped to help answer your questions. You may also get multiple answers to your question, and that’s a good thing! The more knowledge shared, the better.


If you ever need to get a hold of someone specific in the community, check out our Who’s Who post for a breakdown of who does what in the HubSpot community. 


When a contact is deleted, is the activity deleted with the contact or does it stay with the company that they are associated with?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @SThompson7, if you are still looking for product support, please let me know and I can advise on best next steps. 


Thank you,



Does anyone know why the 'share with colleagues' function does not work on the free e-signature template..??

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @SColella, if you're looking for assistance with the email signature generator, can you please post your question in the sales tools board? This will ensure a member of the Community can assist you with your question specifically.  🙂





Hello Hubspot Communnity,


I was trying to upload a .csv contacts file through the 'import' option but soon after importing the file i dont see the contacts anywhere, so that I am unable assign the contacts to myself too. 


I have attached 2 screenshot for the reference, from the Screenshot1 I can see the file is visible into the import page, file name is TOP50A-1 and once after i click the 'view contact' to assign it but then I get to see is the Screenshot2, tried several times but its the same.


Can someone guide me where am I going wrong?


Thanks in advance,