How to change my language on the Community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello and welcome to the HubSpot Community! These instructions are to update your Community user and will change your language on the HubSpot Community ( To update your language within your HubSpot account, please follow the steps outlined here.

We're pleased to share that HubSpot Community is now available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Japanese! Please note our all of our Communities are separate websites with a shared homepage. Which Community you access is determined by your default language setting. 

If you are a brand new to Community:


1. Click 'Sign Up'

2. Authenticate your membership by confirming your HubSpot account

3. Create your username and select your default language

4. This setting will direct you to your specified Community


If you are an existing member: 


1. You can change your default language by hovering over the profile icon and selecting 'My Settings'

2. Select 'Preferences', 'Language', [choose your language] and remember to click Save!


Update language settings in HubSpot CommunityUpdate language settings in HubSpot Community


If you have any questions please comment below and the Community Team will be on standby to support!