Getting Started on the Community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Getting Started on the Community!

 Hi there! 


Welcome to the HubSpot community. If this is your first time visiting our site, we're glad to have you join us. If you're a returning user, welcome back. 


The HubSpot community is the hub for all conversations around HubSpot. We're here to help all HubSpot users ask questions, find answers, and share information with our global network of users. 


Whether you're looking to connect with another HubSpot user in your industry, looking for someone to connect with over your love for workflows, or you just want to chat about HubSpot, you're in the right place.


For an overview of how to use the Community, we recommend new members complete our 10 minute Getting Started in the Community Academy Course.


Getting Started


We'll keep this space updated with relevant links and info, but for now, here are a few resources to check out and steps to help you get started. 


  1. First things first, sign up for the community if you haven't already.


Registration is quick and simple. Once you've logged in, you'll have access to our community content and be able to easily connect with community users. 


  1. Introduce yourself.


The best way to get started in the community is to let us know you're here. Share a little about yourself and see what others have to say. 


  1. Check out this quick 10 minute Academy lesson on how to get started in the community.


Learn the basics in this brief overview where we walk through what you can expect in our forums and how to get the most from your time here.


  1. Check out our top contributor leaderboard


These are the community's most active and engaged contributors. If you're looking for a user to collaborate with, wondering who can offer you a second opinion, or simply want to see what the experts have to say, you're in the right place. You can access the leaderboard from our homepage at any time. 


       5. Sign up for the Community's newsletter


Sign up to receive a curated weekly digest featuring upcoming events, trending topics and buzzy betas. 


Where to Look First


The community is full of great content, but here are a few places to get started.


1. Groups


Find a group of likeminded HubSpot enthusiasts. The Community has three types of groups: 

  • Advocates:
    • If you're a HubSpot Fan, check out our advocacy groups dedicated to keeping HubSpot enthusiasts in the know.
  • Hangouts:
    • These groups are social areas for Community members to connect around professional and social topics. If you're interested in networking, staying in the know on trending topics for different industries, or you're looking to connect for improve your strategy skills, this is the place for you. 
  • Study Groups:
    • These groups are focused on providing conversations oriented to a specific skill or area of expertise. If you're looking to sharpen your skills in a certain area, attend events to hear from industry experts and HubSpot employees, or you are just looking to connect with peers interested in one topic, this is the place for you. 


2. HubSpot Community Blog


The Community Blog is full of content focused on helping you maximize the potential of HubSpot, and take your professional skills to the next level. With content authored from HubSpot employees and Community members, this blog is a resource for our Community, built by our Community. Interested in writing for our blog? Let us know.


3.  Aha-Moments


This ongoing conversation is a space for users to share their 'aha moments' while using HubSpot. If you're looking to learn the tips and tricks from the pros, start here. 


What types of content will I find in the HubSpot community? 


There are hundreds of new conversations starting every day. You can find them by navigating from our homepage into your hub of choice, and diving into specific tools and conversations from there.


If you plan on contributing a question to the community, check out this post for a guide on how to ask a great question.


To give you a sense of what you can expect, check out the conversations on our forums:

Sales Hub & HubSpot CRM: start here

Marketing Hub: start here

Service Hub: start here

Operations & RevOps: start here

Commerce: start here

Developer Forum: start here


If you don't see the conversation you're looking for, start it. We'd love to hear from you.


To view all recent conversations, check out this live updated feed here.


Let us know if you have any questions and see you in the forums!