Episode 1: Getting Started on the Community

by: Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Getting Started on the Community video series. 


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In Episode 1, we'll cover: 

1. Top navigation 

2. Search

3. Trending Topics

4. Posting in the Community




Any questions? Drop them in the comments below! 


Other getting started video tutorials: 

Episode 2: News and Getting Started boards

Episode 3: Navigating the core forums

Episode 4: Groups



I do not see a button where I can ask a new question. In the video, it says that you can do it after a search. I tried that and didn't see it. How do I post a new question?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @AMeisels you will find the "create post" button on all boards within the Community. Check out this guide for a specific example and this video for more information. If you're still stuck, please let me know 🙂