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INBOUND22: HubSpot Product Spotlight

Hey Community!


Are you curious about what is launching for HubSpot this month?


As humans, we crave real connections, whether it's a friendship, making a connection with someone at a coffee shop or an online forum, or feeling connected with our customers and clients! 


Our customers are seeking real connections, flexibility, and value, and yet they are feeling more disconnected than ever! During the Spotlight last week, Yamini Ragan mentioned that we are living in a crisis of disconnection. 


How can we solve this crisis of disconnection?


Introducing the Age of the Connected Customer. Learn more about how HubSpot is embracing the Age of the Connected Customer and how HubSpot's newest features will help you feel more connected to your customers. 


After you have watched the video, get a complete list of product updates here


We would love to hear your thoughts on the Age of the Connected Customer and this product update. Comment below: 

1) Which new feature are you excited about the most? 

2) How will this feature help you feel more connected to your customers and/or peers? 

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