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Day 2 of INBOUND23: YouTube Livestream Agenda

Hey Community,


It's Day 2 of INBOUND 2023! Starting at 10am EST/2pm GMT, you can watch key sessions from Main Stage and What's Next Stage on HubSpot’s YouTube Channel. 



Watch the Livestream Here


Which sessions can I watch on September 7?

Check out today’s livestream sessions below and don’t forget to download the full YouTube Livestream Agenda here


Please note that these sessions are available on YouTube until Monday, September 11 at 9am ET. 


The Captain's Playbook: Strategies for Success

Time: 9am ET, 1pm GMT


Katie Burke, Chief People Officer, HubSpot

Derek Jeter, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and National Baseball HOF Inductee


The Baseball Hall of Famer and business leader shares what his leadership experience on and off the field has taught him about calculating risk, and fueling a motivation bigger than ourselves when it comes to building and scaling teams and ventures.


How AI is Reshaping the Future of Sales and Marketing

Time: 10am ET, 2pm GMT


Yamini Rangan, Chief Executive Officer, HubSpot

Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer, LinkedIn


Join Yamini Rangan and Tomer Cohen as they discuss how AI is transforming marketing and sales. From understanding customer behaviors to automating data analysis, they'll dive into how AI is helping to support business operations, impacting go-to-market strategies, and offer insights on leveraging this tech to stay ahead.


Living to 120: It Could Be Possible for You

Time: 11am ET, 3pm GMT 


Melanie Goldey, Chief Executive Officer, Tally Health

Stephanie Mehta, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Content Officer, Mansueto Ventures


Join to this session to learn why age is just a number that you can now change and key health data and personalized recommendations to improve overall health, making wellness accessible to everyday consumers.


Getting Candid: Lessons in Workplace Culture and Feedback

Time: 12:15pm ET, 4:15pm GMT 

Speaker: Kim Scott, Author, Radical Candor


Join bestselling authors, Kim Scott & Dr. Tina Opie, as they explore the role of radical candor and feedback in 2023, and gain insights on how to maintain a healthy high-performance workplace culture.


Preparing for the AI Boom: The Perspective of a Futurist

Time: 1:15pm EST, 5:15pm GMT 


Sinead Bovell, Founder, WAYE

Ramon Berrios, Co-founder, Castmagic


Dubbed "the A.I. educator for the non-nerds" by Vogue, Sinead Bovell is "changing the narrative of who should be talking tech." Get Sinead's straightforward take on technology and the future in this session exploring the exciting possibilities and concerns of an emerging AI-powered future, focusing on how to adapt and when to resist.


Can Ocean Technology Turn Back Climate Change?

Time: 2:15pm EST, 6:15pm GMT


Peter de Menocal, President and Director, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


With academic, industry, and venture partners, join Peter de Menocal, President of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as he shares more about the development of scalable technologies to enhance the ocean's natural capacity to take up carbon, safely, durably and at-scale for all of our future benefit.


Generative AI and the Metaverse: Friends or Foes?

Time: 4pm ET, 8pm GMT 


Ben Harmanus, Principal Editorial Lead, New Media, HubSpot

Janet Kang, Managing Partner, Mach49

Everett Wallace, Executive - Metaverse Continuum Business Group, Accenture

Jon Radoff, Chief Executive Officer, Beamable


Explore how AI and the metaverse fuel each other's growth, while confronting pressing challenges and risks. Join us as we shape a future where the metaverse and AI coalesce, propelling innovation and unlocking limitless possibilities.


Fueling Focus and Creativity

Time: 5pm ET, 9pm GMT 


Andrew Huberman, Neurobiology Professor and Host, Huberman Lab Podcast

Brian Halligan, Co-founder and Executive Chairperson, HubSpot


A conversation with Andrew Huberman exploring the power of intense focus, mindfulness, and rest to fuel creativity and strengthen the culture of a team.


We hope you enjoy watching the second day of the INBOUND 2023 YouTube Live Stream wherever you are in the world today!


Let us know in the comments which sessions you are planning to watch today!

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