opt-in emails / what is in HubSpot possible?

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Hello folks,


is there anyone who knows about the double opt-in emails in HubSpot? How can you create it and how can you manage them?


Please do not refer to this page https://knowledge.hubspot.com/email/set-up-double-opt-in-for-emails  Sadly it's not given any answers! I don't want to create a blank no-name email. I want to create an email with the design we already have for the newsletter.


How can you then assign this double opt-in email to a landing page with a form for newsletter registration?

So any information about the process in HubSpot would help.


Thanks in advance!


with best wishes

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Hi @PamCotton,

thank you for your support! I have the following question for the experts. Is there a possibility to have more than one double-opt-in email in HubSpot? Because we have a client with multiple languages and a need for an opt-in email in every language.

Thanks in advance and cheers