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opt-in emails not sent whe contacts imported via API



Could you please assist in the following scenario:


Contacts are imported via API (zapier does that).

Is it possible to fire opt-in email automatically ?


Double opt-in for emails is enabled and configured. Everything works fine when form is submitted inside hubspot and email is sent. 

However, I need to send the same opt-in email when I import contact via Contacts API.


Is this scenario supported ?


Thank you!

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HubSpot Alumni

opt-in emails not sent whe contacts imported via API

Hi @dorin2006,


Thanks for reaching out.

Currently, it's not possible to send the double-opt-in email automatically or via automation. It has to be sent manually to each contact.

However, there's already an idea in our ideas forum. I'd recommend giving it an upvote to make sure you get automatic notifications.


Take care!



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