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I can not find any information from the hubspot about what happens if the contact does not confirm the double opt-in email. The question I have is whether a contact is created in hubspot if the person does not confirm the email-address. But If a contact is created even if the person has not confimed, which tracking features or possibilities for gathering information is allowed. Also appreciate if anyone has any more resources or links for best practice on double opt-in and hubspot.



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Hi @Andreas1


The way I understand it is that contacts who do not confirm the double opt-in will still be created in your database but will remain in an unconfirmed state and will be automatically dropped from future emails - as if they had bounced or opted out. 


Confirming double opt-in is not the same as accepting/declining cookies so I assume that all other tracking and analytics will work fine. 


Hope this helps.

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Hi Phil,


So should we enable double opt-in to be GDPR compliant?





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 Hi @clioi


Having double opt-in active would certainly help you demonstrate proven and freely given consent, meaning it would be a very good idea. 


However, and others may correct me here, my understanding is that double opt-in is not a specific requirement of GDPR and double opt-in alone does not make you GDPR compliant. 



I'm not a fan of this new legislation at all - because the practical implementation of the rules is not clear at all but all the responsibility for implementing them properly, and risk for not, sits with us, the businesses using email as a vital business communication tool.


Sorry I can't be of more help 🙂

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FYI @Andreas1 and @clioi  


HubSpot has released its GDPR product roadmap. Find out more here:


Ed Justen

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