What am I supposed to do with the Consent to Communicate Checkbox?

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Does the "Consent to Communicate" checkbox sync to opting into a subscription type? My understanding is that it doesn't. 


I have contacts who submitted a form not agreeing to receive other communications, yet when I go to their contact record, they are opted into all of my subscriptions. 


I'd like to create a list of contacts who have submitted a form but did not agree to receive other communications, but it's not a field property that I can report on. 


I guess I'm just not sure what to do with the "Consent to communicate" checkbox. Ideas?

I'm trying to make sure that I'm not communicating with people who don't want to be communicated to. 



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Hi @rfisher,


Depending on which GDPR option you are using, there are different ways you can make lists off of this data.


You can make lists of contacts who have provided legal basis to process their data by following the steps here.


You can make lists of contact who have opted into, opted out of, or not opted into an email subscription as well using the "email subscription" property type. 


For a full list of GDPR resources, I wanted to share this document.


Additionally, I wanted to share this resource around forms and GDPR.


Thank you,

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