Update Subscription Types after adding the consent to a form


Hi friends,


I'm new to Hubspot and learning how all these details work!  I've added the 'consent' information to a Form that shows one Subscription Type.  I do not have GDPR turned on at the moment...


From this article here: 


Add notice and consent information to your HubSpot form or pop-up form


It implies that even if I don't have GDPR on that when a customer checks the box on the form that the customer will be added to the Subscription Type. 


My question is: Does it acutally work like that? (I'm not actually seeing that in the tests I"ve run...I've only been able to get someone in the Subscription Type if I trigger a workflow with the Form Submission)


Or do I have to have GDPR on to get the form to automatically put the customer in the Subscription type with the Form Submission?



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Thanks Pam!  I did turn on GDPR to experiment and it is now working like I expected.  The 'sign-up' form though won't allow someone to resubscribe (which I think I get) someone will have to go through their 'Manage Preferences' page, I believe.  If I'm communicating with a contact directly is there a way to send them a personalized link to get o their manage preferences page?

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This personalized link would be amazing! Does anyone knows if this might be possible yet?


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Hello @IBrockschmidt thank you for posting, wanted to add some top experts to share their ideas @adiehl @Phil_Vallender any recommendations @IBrockschmidt?


Thank you!


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