Sales Sequences non compliant with PECR / GDPR

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A client has raised my attention to their inability to switch off tracking in sequences. Tracking, being a cookie, requires consent. 

Therefore, tracking someone before they consent is non compliant!

Am I right in thinking tracking in Sales sequences cant be turned off? 


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Hello, @TonyDowling wanted to include this Community post here with more information that @Phil_Vallendershared with us.


I hope this information helps.


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Thanks Pam, thats very helpful! Unfortunately this is a different issue! 🙂 

The issue of having a client opted into a sales one to one basis is tied up with it tho, as opting into the sales one to one subscription still doesnt give permission for the sequences cookies to measure the open rates. Thats counts as marketing subscription level feature if that makes sense? Unless its turned off!

Which we dont appeak to be able to do!

Thanks for the reply!